The Reindeer Feed was hung... December 16 2013

I can't believe that Christmas is almost here!!!  We have had several weeks with snow, and there is nothing better than that to get you in Christmas spirit.  We are very with custom orders, which I hope to have finished by this Wednesday.  I am starting to panic, I have loads of gifts that I am making, and my time is running out!!!

I gave my husband a challenge yesterday, I told him that we have a $30.00 material item limit, and then we have to make something for the other that is usable.  He gave me that deer on the headlights look when I said that he better get busy since he only has a week to finish. ;)  He called me this morning all excited saying that he knew what he was making, and I had to use it EVERY DAY!!!  That's his new rule...Oh boy, I am excited to know what he has come up with:).

All of my shopping is finished, thank goodness!!!  Now time to get busy finishing orders, making gifts, wrapping presents, and making all of our yummy treats!  I hope that everyone has a wonderful time here before Christmas, enjoying old traditions, and making new ones with all of your family and freinds!!!