It's Summertime!!! June 27 2015

It has been awhile since my last blog post, and a lot has happened.  We welcomed our 4th child back in May giving us one girl and three boys!!!   My pregnancy drained all of my energy, and that being said, I sort of abandoned Ellie-Bee.  I am happy to say that now I have more energy than I know what to do with, and my wheels are constantly turning for new product ideas.

If you didn't know, we at Ellie-Bee Embroidery, create 95% of the finished products that we sell.  I have a great team of worker's consisting of my Mom, Dad, Husband and myself. 

Recently, our most popular seller has been our I Can't Keep Calm It's Fair Week tee's.  Fair Week was the one week that I looked forward to every summer.  I was fortunate enough to grow up riding and showing horses, and in my last year's of 4-H, I showed sheep and hogs.  I remember all of the excitement and anticipation that I would go through leading up to the show, and I thought there aren't truer words for what the 4-H and FFA kids feel, as what our shirt says.  My daughter is currently a Cloverbud, and next year will be her first year as a 4-h'er.  I will be sure that we both will wearing these shirts to our county fair next year:)


My little cowgirl and cowboys:)